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Can Self-Ordering Scalar Fields explain the BICEP2 B-mode signal?
By Ruth Durrer, Daniel G. Figueroa and Martin Kunz
e-Print arXiv:1404.3855
Can primordial magnetic fields be the origin of the BICEP2 data?
By Camille Bonvin, Ruth Durrer and Roy Maartens. Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014) (-Editors suggestion-)
e-Print arXiv:1403.6768
The value of H_0 in the inhomogeneous Universe
By Ido Ben-Dayan, Ruth Durrer, Giovanni Marozzi and Dominik J. Schwarz
e-Print arXiv:1401.7973
Distance-redshift relation in plane symmetric universes
By Julian Adamek, Enea Di Dio, Ruth Durrer and Martin Kunz, Phys. Rev. D 89, 063543 (2014) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.89.063543).
e-Print arXiv:1401.3634
Perturbations for massive gravity theories
By Pietro Guarato and Ruth Durrer , Phys. Rev. D 89, 084016 (2014)
(doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.89.084016).
e-Print arXiv:1309.2245
Constraining the dynamical dark energy parameters: Planck-2013 vs WMAP9
By B. Novosyadlyj, O. Sergijenko, R. Durrer and V. Pelykh
e-Print arXiv:1312.6579
Cosmic Microwave Background temperature and polarization anisotropies from the large-N limit of global defects
By Elisa Fenu, Daniel G. Figueroa, Ruth Durrer, Juan Garcia-Bellido and Martin Kunz, Phys. Rev. D 89, 083512 (2014) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.89.083512).
e-Print arXiv:1311.3225
Perturbations for massive gravity theories
By Pietro Guarato, and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D 89, 084016 (2014) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.89.084016).
e-Print arXiv:1309.2245
General Relativistic N-body simulations in the weak field limit
By Julian Adamek, David Daverio, Ruth Durrer, Martin Kunz, Phys. Rev. D 88, 103527 (2013) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.88.103527).
e-Print arXiv:1308.6524
Cosmological Parameter Estimation with Large Scale Structure
By Enea Di Dio, Francesco Montanari, Ruth Durrer and Julien Lesgourgues, JCAP 01 (2014) 042 (doi: 10.1088/1475-7516/2014/01/042).
e-Print arXiv:1308.6186
Magnetic fields from inflation: The CMB temperature anisotropies
By Camille Bonvin, Chiara Caprini and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D88, 083515 (2013) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.88.083515).
e-Print arXiv:1308.3348
Stability of Horndeski vector-tensor interactions
By Jose Beltrán Jiménez, Ruth Durrer, Lavinia Heisenberg and Mikjel Thorsrud, JCAP 1310 (2013) 064 (doi: 10.1088/1475-7516/2013/10/064).
e-Print arXiv:1308.1867
The CLASSgal code for Relativistic Cosmological Large Scale Structure
By Enea Di Dio, Francesco Montanari, Julien Lesgourgues and Ruth Durrer, JCAP 11 (2013) 044 (doi: 10.1088/1475-7516/2013/11/044).
e-Print arXiv:1307.1459
Comment on "Origin of cosmic magnetic fields"
By Ruth Durrer, Giovanni Marozzi and Massimiliano Rinaldi, Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 229001 (2013).
e-Print arXiv:1305.3192
Cosmological Magnetic Fields: Their Generation, Evolution and Observation
By Ruth Durrer and Andrii Neronov, Astron. and Astrophys. Review 21 (2013) 62 (doi: 10.1007/s00159-013-0062-7).
e-Print arXiv:1303.7121
Quintessence versus phantom dark energy: the arbitrating power of current and future observations
By B. Novosyadlyj, O. Sergijenko, R. Durrer and V. Pelykh , JCAP 1306 (2013) 042 (doi: 10.1088/1475-7516/2013/06/042).
e-Print arXiv:1212.5824
A longitudinal gauge degree of freedom and the Pais Uhlenbeck field
By Jose Beltrán Jiménez, Enea Dio and Ruth Durrer, JHEP 1304 (2013) 030 (doi: 10.1007/JHEP04(2013)030).
e-Print arXiv:1211.0441
Explosive particle production in non-commutative inflation
By Hideki Perrier, Ruth Durrer and Massimiliano Rinaldi, JHEP 1301 (2013) 067 (doi: 10.1007/JHEP01(2013)067).
e-Print arXiv:1210.5373
Do the cosmological observational data prefer phantom dark energy?
By Bohdan Novosyadlyj, Olga Sergijenko, Ruth Durrer and Volodymyr Pelyk, Phys. Rev. D86, 083008 (2012) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.083008).
e-Print arXiv:1206.5194
A new method for the Alcock-Paczynski test
By Francesco Montanar and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D86, 063503 (2012) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.063503).
e-Print arXiv:1206.3545
Vector and Tensor Contributions to the Luminosity Distance
By Enea Di Dio and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D86, 023510 (2012) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.023510).
e-Print arXiv:1205.3366
Magnetic fields from inflation: the transition to the radiation era
By Camille Bonvin, Chiara Caprini and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D86, 023519 (2012) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.023519).
e-Print arXiv:1112.3901
Back Reaction from Walls
By Enea Di Dio, Marc Vonlanthen and Ruth Durrer, JCAP02(2012)036 (doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2012/02/036).
e-Print arXiv:1111.5764
Mode Spectrum of the Electromagnetic Field in Open Universe Models
By Julian Adamek, Claudia de Rham and Ruth Durrer, MNRAS 423, 2705 (2012) (doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.21082.x).
e-Print arXiv:1110.2019
The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for the CMB
By Mona Frommert, Ruth Durrer and Jérôme Michaud, JCAP01(2012)009 (doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2012/01/009).
e-Print arXiv:1108.5354
Testing Superstring Theories with Gravitational Waves
By Ruth Durrer and Jasper Hasenkamp, Phys. Rev. D84, 064027 (2011) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.84.064027).
e-Print arXiv:1105.5283
What galaxy surveys really measure
By Camille Bonvin and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D84, 063505 (2011) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.84.063505).
e-Print arXiv:1105.5280
An analytic approach to baryon acoustic oscillations
By Francesco Montanari and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D84, 023522 (2011) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.84.023522).
e-Print arXiv:1105.1514
What do we really know about Dark Energy?
By Ruth Durrer, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 369 , 1 (2011) doi:10.1098/rsta.2011.0285.
e-Print arXiv:1103.5331
A large scale coherent magnetic field: interactions with free streaming particles and limits from the CMB
By Julian Adamek, Ruth Durrer, Elisa Fenu and Marc Vonlanthen, JCAP06(2011)017 (doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2011/06/017).
e-Print arXiv:1102.5235
Observational constraints on scalar field models of dark energy with barotropic equation of state
By Olga Sergijenko, Ruth Durrer, Bohdan Novosyadlyj, JCAP08(2011)004 (doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2011/08/004).
e-Print arXiv:1102.3168
On infrared and ultraviolet divergences of cosmological perturbations
By Giovanni Marozzi, Massimiliano Rinaldi and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D83, 105017 (2011) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.83.105017).
e-Print arXiv:1102.2206
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2006 - 2010
Detection of gravitational waves from the QCD phase transition with pulsar timing arrays
By Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer and Xavier Siemens, Phys. Rev. D82, 063511 (2010) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.82.063511).
e-Print Archive: arXiv:1007.1218
Effects of biasing on the matter power spectrum at large scales
By Jose Beltràn and Ruth Durrer, Phys. Rev. D83 103509 (2011) (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.83.103509).
e-Print Archive: arXiv:1006.2343
Can slow roll inflation induce relevant helical magnetic fields?
By Ruth Durrer, Lukas Hollenstein and Rajeev Kumar Jain, JCAP 1103:037 (2011)
e-Print Archive: arXiv:1005.5322
Model-independent cosmological constraints from the CMB
By Marc Vonlanthen, Syksy Rasanen and Ruth Durrer, JCAP08(2010)023
e-Print Archive: arXiv:1003.0810
The local B-polarization of the CMB: a very sensitive probe of cosmic defects
By Juan Garcia-Bellido, Ruth Durrer, Elisa Fenu, Daniel G. Figueroa and Martin Kunz, Phys. Lett. B695, 26 (2011)
e-Print Archive: arXiv:1003.0299
Gravitational waves from cosmological phase transitions
By Ruth Durrer, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 222 012021 (2010)
e-Print Archive: arXiv:1002.1389
The stochastic gravitational wave background from turbulence and magnetic fields generated by a first-order phase transition
By Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer, Geraldine Servant, JCAP12(2009)024
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0909.0622
Gravitational waves from self-ordering scalar fields
By Elisa Fenu, Daniel G. Figueroa, Ruth Durrer and Juan Garcia-Bellido, JCAP 10 (2009) 005
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0908.0425
Can the observed large scale magnetic fields be seeded by helical primordial fields?
By Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer and Elisa Fenu, JCAP 0911:001 (2009)
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0906.4976
On Adiabatic Renormalization of Inflationary Perturbations
By Ruth Durrer, Giovanni Marozzi and Massimiliano Rinaldi (2009), Phys. Rev. D80, 065024.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0906.4772
Braneworlds, graviton production, dynamical Casimir effect
By Ruth Durrer, Marcus Ruser, Marc Vonlanthen and Peter Wittwer (2009), in: 'Physics and Mathematics of Graviation', the Proceedings of the Spanish Relativity meeting (2008), K.E. Kunze, M. Mars and M.A. Vàzquez-Mozo, Eds., AIP Conference Proceedings 1122, p39.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0902.0872
Graviton production in anti-de Sitter braneworld cosmology: A fully consistent treatment of the brane motion
By Marcus Ruser, Ruth Durrer, Marc Vonlanthen and Peter Wittwer (2009), Phys. Rev. D79, 083529.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0901.3683
CMB anisotropies from acausal scaling seeds
By Sandro Scodeller, Martin Kunz and Ruth Durrer (2008), Phys. Rev. D79, 083515.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0901.1845
General Properties of the Gravitational Wave Spectrum from Phase Transitions
By Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer, Thomas Konstandin and Geraldine Servant (2009), Phys. Rev. D79, 083519 .
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0901.1661
Graviton production in non-inflationary cosmology
By Ruth Durrer and Massimiliano Rinaldi (2009), Phys. Rev. D79, 063507 (2009)
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0901.0650
Dark Energy and Modified Gravity
By Ruth Durrer and Roy Maartens (2008),
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0811.4132
Interactions of cosmological gravitational waves and magnetic fields
By Elisa Fenu and Ruth Durrer (2009), Phys Rev. D79 , 024021.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0809.1383
Testing Lorentz Invariance Violation with WMAP Five Year Data
By Tina Kahniashvili, Ruth Durrer and Yurii Maravin (2008), Phys. Rev. D78 , :123009.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0807.2593
Is Cosmology Compatible with Blue Gravity Waves ?
By Roberta Camerini, Ruth Durrer, Alessandro Melchiorri and Antonio Riotto
(2008), Phys. Rev. D77 ,101301.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0802.1442
Dark Energy and Dark Gravity
By Ruth Durrer and Roy Maartens (2008) Gen. Rel. Grav. 40, 301.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0711.0077
Gravitational wave generation from bubble collisions in first-order phase transitions:
an analytic approach
By Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer and Geraldine Servant (2008), Phys. Rev. D77 , 124015.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0711.2593
Generalized Einstein-Aether theories and the Solar System
By Camille Bonvin, Ruth Durrer, Pedro Ferreira, Glenn Starkman and Tom Zlosnik
(2008), Phys. Rev. D77 , 024037.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0707.3519
Dynamical Casimir effect for gravitons in bouncing braneworlds
By M. Ruser and R. Durrer (2007), Phys. Rev. D76 , 104014.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0704.0790
The dynamical Casimir effect in braneworlds
By R. Durrer and M. Ruser (2007), Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 , 071601.
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0704.0756
On the frequency of gravitational waves
By C. Caprini, R. Durrer and R. Sturani (2006), Phys. Rev. D74 , 127501.
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0607651
No-go theorem for k-essence dark energy
By C. Bonvin, C. Caprini and R. Durrer (2006), Phys. Rev. Lett. 97 , 081303.
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0606504
Microlensing modulation by binaries
By F. Dubath, M.A. Gasparini and R. Durrer (2006), Phys. Rev. D75 , 024015.
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0603536
Gravitational waves from stochastic relativistic sources: primordial turbulence and magnetic fields
By C. Caprini and R. Durrer (2006), Phys. Rev. D74, 063521.
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0603476
The dipole of the luminosity distance: a direct measure of H(z)
By C. Bonvin, R. Durrer and M. Kunz (2006), Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 191302.
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0603240
Is the Mystery of Cosmic Magnetic Fields Solved?
By R. Durrer (2006), Science 311 787
Fluctuations of the luminosity distance
By C. Bonvin, R. Durrer and A. Gasparini (2006), Phys. Rev. D 73, 023523
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0511183
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2001 - 2005
On graviton production in braneworld cosmology
By C. Cartier, R. Durrer and M. Ruser (2005), Phys. Rev. D72 104018
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0510155
On graviton production in braneworld cosmology
By R. Durrer (2005), The XI Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation, edt. M. Novello and S.E. Perez-Bergliaffa, AIP Conference Proceedings 782
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0507006
Constraining Gravitino Dark Matter with the Cosmic Microwave Background
By R. Lamon and R. Durrer (2005), Phys. Rev. D73 023507
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0506229
Limits on stochastic magnetic fields: A defense of our paper
By C. Caprini and R. Durrer (2005), Phys. Rev. D72 088301
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0504553
Why do we live in 3+1 dimensions?
By R. Durrer, M.Kunz and M. Sakellariadou (2005), Phys. Lett. B614 125
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0501163
Tachyonic perturbations in AdS5 orbifolds
By C. Cartier and R. Durrer (2004), Phys. Rev. D71 064022
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0409287
Testing braneworlds with the binary pulsar
By R. Durrer and P. Kocian (2004), Class. Quant. Grav. 21, 2127
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0305181
CMB anisotropies from vector perturbations in the bulk
By C. Ringeval, T. Boehm and R. Durrer (2003)
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0307100
Primordial magnetic fields and causality
By Ruth Durrer and Chiara Caprini (2003), JCAP 11, 010
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0305059
The CMB and helical magnetic fields: the tensor mode
By Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer and Tina Kahniashvili (2004), Phys. Rev. D69, 063006
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0304556
Cosmological perturbations and the transition from contraction to expansion
By C. Cartier, E. Copeland and R. Durrer (2003). Phys. Rev. D67, 103517
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0301198
Bias and the power spectrum beyond the turn-over
By R. Durrer, A. Gabrielli, M. Joyce and F. Sylos Labini (2003), Ap. J. Lett. 585, L1
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0211653
The cosmological constant and general isocurvature initial conditions
By R. Trotta, A. Riazuelo and R. Durrer (2003), Phys. Rev. D67, 063520
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0211600
Gauge invariant cosmological perturbation theory for braneworlds
By A. Riazuelo, F. Vernizzi, D. Steer and R. Durrer (2002)
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0205220
Frontiers of the universe: what do we know, what do we understand?
By R. Durrer (2002)
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0205101
Adiabatic perturbations in pre big bang models: matching conditions and scale invariance
By R. Durrer and F. Vernizzi (2002), Phys.Rev. D66, 083503
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0203275
Clarifying perturbations in the ekpyrotic universe
By R. Durrer, an unpublished webnote (2001)
e-Print Archive: hep-th/0112026
Acoustic peaks and dips in the CMB power spectrum: observational data and cosmological constraints
By R. Durrer, B. Novosyadlyj and S. Apunevich (2003), Ap. J. 583, 33
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0111594
Topological defects and structure formation
By R. Durrer, M. Kunz and A. Melchiorri (2002), Phys. Rep. 364, p1
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0110348
The theory of CMB anisotropies
By R. Durrer (2001), Journal of Phys. Studies 5, 177
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0109522
Physics of CMB anisotropies and primordial fluctuations
By R. Durrer(2001), Space Science Reviews 100, 3
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0109274
Gravitational wave production: A strong constraint on primordial magnetic fields
By C. Caprini and R. Durrer (2001), Phys. Rev. D65, 023517
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0106244
Reproducing CMB anisotropies with mixed isocurvature perturbations
By R. Trotta, A. Riazuelo, R. Durrer (2001), Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 231301
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0104017
Dynamical instabilities of the Randall-Sundrum model
By R. Durrer and F. Vernizzi (2002), Phys. Rev. D66, 083503
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0203275
Reproducing the observed CMB anisotropies with causal scaling seeds
By R. Durrer, M. Kunz and A. Melchiorri (2001), Phys. Rev. D63, 081301(R)
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0010633
Particle creation in pre big bang cosmology: theory and observational consequences
By R. Durrer, K.E. Kunze and M. Sakellariadou (2001), New Astronomy Review, Memorial Volume for Dennis Sciama
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0203275
Cosmological parameters from complementary observations of the universe
By R. Durrer and B. Novosyjadlyi (2001), Mont. Not. Roy. Ast. Soc. 324, 560
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0009057
CMB anisotropies from pre big bang cosmology
By F. Vernizzi, A. Melchiorri and R. Durrer (2001), Phys. Rev. D63, 063501
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0008232
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1996 - 2000
Skewness as a probe of non-Gaussian initial conditions
By Ruth Durrer, Roman Juszkiewicz, Martin Kunz and Jean-Philippe Uzan (2000), Phys. Rev. D62, 021301(R)
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0005087
Cosmological structure formation with topological defects
By R. Durrer (2000), invited talk at the XXXV Rencontré de Moriond on 'Energy densities in the Universe'
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0003363
Kalb-Ramond axion production in anisotropic string cosmologies
By R. Durrer and M. Sakellariadou (2000), Phys. Rev. D62 123504
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0003112
Cosmological parameters from large scale structure
By B. Novosyadlyj, R. Durrer, S. Gottlober, V.N. Lukash, S. Apunevych (2000), Anstron. & Astrophys. 356, p418
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9912511
Anisotropic 'hairs' in string cosmology
By Kerstin Kunze and Ruth Durrer (2000), Classical and Quantum Gravity 17, p2597
e-Print Archive: gr-qc/9912081
Tensor microwave anisotropies from a stochastic magnetic field
By R. Durrer, P. Ferreira and T. Kahniashvili (1999), Phys. Rev. D61, 043001
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9911040
CMB anisotropies and extra dimensions in string cosmology
By A. Melchiorri, F. Vernizzi, R. Durrer and G. Veneziano (1999), Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 4464
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9905327
Dynamics of pairwise motions
By Roman Juszkiewicz, Volker Springel and Ruth Durrer (1999), Astrophys. J. Lett. 518, L25
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9812387
A new dynamical estimator of Omega
By Roman Juszkiewicz, Marc Davis, Ruth Durrer, Hume Feldman, Pedro Ferreira, Andrew Jaffe and Volker Springel (1999), "3K Cosmology", Eds. L. Maiani, F. Melchiorri and N. Vittorio
Biasing in Gaussian random fields and galaxy correlations
By A. Gabrielli, F. Sylos Labini and R. Durrer (1999), Astrophys. J. Lett. 528, L25
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9905183
CMB anisotropies from scaling seeds: global defect models
By R. Durrer, M. Kunz and A. Melchiorri (1999), Phys. Rev. D59, 123005
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9811174
An analytic approximation of MDM power spectra in four dimensional parameter space
By B. Novosyadlyj, R. Durrer and V.N. Lukash (1999), Astron. & Astrophys. 347(3), 799-808
The fortran program of the analytic approximation described in the paper
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9811262
Are there static textures?
By L. Lichtensteiger and R. Durrer (1999), Phys. Rev. D59, 125007
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9901024
Microwave background anisotropies from Alfven waves
By R. Durrer, T. Kahniashvili and A. Yates (1998), Phys. Rev. D58 123004
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9807089
Massless (pseudo)scalar seeds of CMB anisotropy
By R. Durrer, M. Gasperini, M. Sakellariadou and G. Veneziano (1998), Phys. Lett. B436, 66-72
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9806015
A fractal galaxy distribution in a homogenous universe
By R. Durrer and F.S. Labini (1998), Astron. & Astrophys. 339, L85
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9804171
Seeds of large scale anisotropy in string cosmology
By R. Durrer, M. Gasperini, M. Sakellariadou and G. Veneziano (1998), CERN-TH-98-069
e-Print Archive: gr-qc/9804076
Nuclear and particle astrophysics
By F.K. Thielemann, I. Baraffe, H. Bloemen, I.N. Borzov, M. Busso, S. Cooper, J. Dobaczewski, R. Durrer, F. von Feilitzsch, R. Gallino, J. Isern, H.T. Janka, E. Lorenz, C. Pethick, N. Prantzos, C. Rolfs, J. Vervier and M. Wiescher (1997), *Desy Library only* NuPECC Report, (97/12,rec.Mar.98) 93-111
Cosmic microwave background anisotropies from scaling seeds: generic properties of the correlation functions
By R. Durrer, M. Kunz (1997), UGVA-DPT-97-11-987, Phys. Rev. D57, 3199-3203
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9711133
Signatures of topological defects in the microwave sky: an introduction
By R. Durrer (1996), Topological Defects in Cosmology, Eds. M. Signore and F. Melchiorri, World Scientific
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9703001
CMB anisotropies caused by gravitational waves: a parameter study
By Ruth Durrer, Tina Kahniashvili (1997), UGVA-DPT-1997-02-968, Helv. Phys. Acta 71, 445-457
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9702226
CMB anisotropies from scaling seed perturbations
By Ruth Durrer and Mairi Sakellariadou (1997), PRINT-97-236, Phys. Rev. D56, 4480-4493
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9702028
CMB anisotopies from scaling seeds: fit to observational data
By R. Durrer, M. Kunz, C. Lineweaver and M. Sakellariadou (1997), Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 5198-5201
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9706215
Angular projection of fractal sets
By Ruth Durrer, Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Francesco Sylos Labini, Marco Montuori and Luciano Pietronero (1997), Europhys. Lett. 40, 491-496
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9702116
Microwave background anisotropies induced by global scalar fields: the large N limit
By Martin Kunz and Ruth Durrer (1996), Phys. Rev. D55, 4516-4520
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9612202
Anisotropies in the CMB: theoretical foundations
By Ruth Durrer (1996). UGVA-DPT-1996-10-954, Lecture given at Annual European Meeting on General Relativity, Cosmology, Astrophysics and Quantum Field Theory. Journées Relativistes, Ascona, Switzerland, 26-29 May 1996, Helv. Phys. Acta 69, 417-433
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9610234
Cosmological structure formation
By R. Durrer (1996), CrossCuts 5 nr 2, 18
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1988 - 1995
Large scale structure formation with global topological defects: a new formalism and its implementation by numerical simulations
By R. Durrer and Z.H. Zhou (1995), Phys. Rev. D53, 5394-5410
Postscript figures in a gzipped tar-file
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9508016
Global textures and the Doppler peaks
By A. Gangui, R. Durrer, M. Sakellariadou (1995), Conference on Mapping, Measuring and Modelling the Universe, Valencia, Spain
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9602018
The oscillating universe: an alternative to inflation
By Ruth Durrer, Joachim Laukenmann (1995), Class. Quant. Grav. 13, 1069-1088
e-Print Archive: gr-qc/9510041
Doppler peaks: a figerprint of topological defects.
By Ruth Durrer, Alejandro Gangui and Mairi Sakellariadou (1995), SISSA-83-95-A, Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 579-582 (Title changed in journal)
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9507035
Structure formation in the universe from texture induced fluctuations
By Ruth Durrer and Zhi-Hong Zhou (1994), ZU-TH-21-94, Phys. Rev. Lett. 74, 1701-1704
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9407027
A new contribution to cosmological perturbations of some inflationary models
By R. Durrer and M. Sakellariadou (1994), ZU-TH-9-94, Phys. Rev. D50, 6115-6122
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9404043
Light deflection in perturbed Friedmann universes
By Ruth Durrer (1994), ZU-TH-3-94, Phys. Rev. Lett. 72, 3301-3304
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9401033
Gauge invariant cosmological perturbation theory: a general study and its application to the texture scenario of structure formation
By Ruth Durrer (1993), ZU-TH-14-92, Fundamentals of Cosmic Physics 14, 209-339
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9311041
Microwave anisotropies from texture seeded structure formation
By Ruth Durrer, Armando Howard, Zhi-Hong Zhou (1993), ZU-TH-32-92, Phys. Rev. D49, 681-691
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9311040
Early reionization in cosmology
By R. Durrer (1993), ZU-TH-28-93, Infrared Phys. Technol. 35, 83-94
e-Print Archive: astro-ph/9311039
General relativistic textures and their interactions with matter and radiation
By Ruth Durrer, Markus Heusler, Philippe Jetzer and Norbert Straumann (1991), ZU-TH-9-91, Nucl. Phys. B368, 527-556
Microwave anisotropies from texture seeded structure formation
By Ruth Durrer and David N. Spergel (1990), PUPT-91-1247, Santa Monica Astropart. 1990, 288-300 (QB981:I35:1990)
General relativistic collapse of textures
By Ruth Durrer, Markus Heusler, Philippe Jetzer and Norbert Straumann (1990), PUPT-1222, Phys. Lett. B259, 48-52
Cosmology in the laboratory: defect dynamics in liquid crystals
By Isaac Chuang, Ruth Durrer, Neil Turok and Bernard Yurke (1990), PUPT-1208, Science 251, 1336-1342
Gauge invariant cosmological perturbation theory with seeds
By Ruth Durrer (1990), PUPT-90-1179, Phys. Rev. D42, 2533-2540
The cosmological constant and galaxy formation
By Ruth Durrer and Norbert Straumann (1990), Monthly Notices of the Roy. Ast. Soc. 242, 221
Gravitational angular momentum radiation of cosmic strings
By R. Durrer (1989), Nucl. Phys. B328, 238-271
Antipodal microwave
By Ruth Durrer and Israel Kovner (1989), Astrophys. J. 356, 49-56
Gravitational radiation of cosmic string loops
By Ruth Durrer (1990), PUPT-90-1165, "The Formation and Evolution of Cosmic Strings", Eds. G. Gibbons, S. Hawking and T. Vachaspati, 195-209, Cambridge University Press
Some applications of the 3+1 formalism of general relativiy
By Ruth Durrer and Norbert Straumann (1988), Helv. Phys. Acta 61, 1027
My PhD thesis
By Ruth Durrer (1988), 134 pages, scanned pdf file
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