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I often give lectures for the general public, and occasionally interviews on Swiss newspapers, radio or TV. The recordings of some of them are still available:

I have created the Athéna program , a program that allows students in the last two years of High School (''College'') in the Geneva Canton to follow some courses at the University level at the Physics Section or at the Mathematics Section of Geneva University, with the help of a tutor. This allows college students to discover the studies at the University and test the studies in physics and in mathematics.

Started in 2015, the program is very succesful, with 50-80 students attending the program each year; several of them even successfully take a full university-level exam at the end; in that case, if they eventually enroll at Geneva University, the corresponding credits will be automatically delivered. The program is now a recognized flagship of Geneva University.

After having created the Athéna program and put in place its structure and organization, I have coordinated it for a number of years. The program is now coordinated by prof. Camille Bonvin.