Vendredi 13 décembre 2013 à 14h00
Auditoire Stueckelberg, Ecole de Physique

Top eigenvalue of a random matrix: large deviations

Satya Majumdar, LPTMS Paris

The statistical properties of the largest eigenvalue of a random matrix are of interest in diverse fields such as in the stability of large ecosystems, in disordered systems, in statistical data analysis and even in string theory. In this talk I'll discuss some recent developments in the theory of extremely rare fluctations (large deviations) of the largest eigenvalue using a Coulomb gas method. Such rare fluctuations have also been measured in recent experiments in coupled laser systems. I'll also discuss recent applications of this Coulomb gas method in three different problems: entanglement in a bypartite system, conductance fluctuations thorugh a mesoscopic cavity and the vicious random walkers problem.